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Listen to your body.

Our bodies communicate with us in various ways... if you are hungry, your stomach may growl. If you are sick, a fever may develop as a response to the illness. Similarly, our hair communicates with us if there's an imbalance or deficiency that has developed internally.

Get acquainted with your strands so that if you began experiencing an excessive amount of shedding, newly formed alopecia, etc.... you will readily recognize these changes.


Split Ends


The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off.


What difference does it make which comb I use?

Let me explain.....Wide tooth combs generally have wider, thicker teeth which are ideal for detangling the hair more efficiently. This comb in particular is designed for dense hair because it allow larger amounts of hair to pass through easily and reduces the chance of excessive hair loss during detangling.

Finer tooth combs, however, are not recommended for detangling because the teeth are thinner and closer together and will likely prematurely pull the hair strands from the follicle. A finer tooth comb should only be used for styling AFTER the hair has been properly detangled prior to use.

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